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Monday - 10am-6pm
Tuesday - 10am-6pm
Wednesday - 10am-6pm
Thursday - 10am-6pm
Friday - 10am-6pm
Saturday - 10am-6pm


1220 Waterway Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone Number

(317) 362-5622



Comida Auténtica

Welcome to our family-owned restaurant nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, where we take great pride in offering an authentically Mexican food experience. With our culture rooted in culinary traditions passed down through generations, our establishment stands as a testament to the rich flavors and heritage of Mexican cuisine. Our menu features an array of meticulously crafted dishes, showcasing the artistry and authenticity of our culinary offerings. From classic tacos to savory fajitas, each dish is thoughtfully prepared to deliver a true taste of Mexico. We invite you to join us and come visit us!

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